Elements of a Stylish Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is considered to be the official kick off to Summertime fun, so I thought it was the perfect time to jot down what I consider elements of a stylish weekend.

I recently returned from a marvelous Minneapolis getaway as the guest of very close friends at their stunning country estate in Orono, MN. Their perfectly curated itinerary served as the archetype for the quintessential weekend: loving friends, beautiful surroundings and new experiences.

Element #1 Cozy Accommodations: 

As I arrived, I drove through the entrance marked by stone pillars that instantly signaled an elegant retreat. After the joyful greeting of heartfelt hugs, I was then escorted to the guest room.

The exquisite one bedroom suite included a living room, dining corner, efficiency, and bedroom/ bath fit for a princess! While I realize this is an extravagant example of "cozy", nonetheless the space provided a lavish respite.


Element #2  Dinner at a chic new restaurant

With a waiting list of 3 months, dining at the new French restaurant in town BELLECOUR ( 739 Lake St, Wayzata, MN ) made for just the right amount of tony atmosphere, delectable food, and Friday night social buzz.


Element #3 Saturday shopping in a trendy area


The new warehouse district in downtown Minneapolis is filled with trendy boutiques and artisanal eateries. Browsing the incredible merchandise assortment at the Mens store MARTIN PATRICK ( 212 3rd Ave N. ) was a highlight, especially as my host selected an oh-so-chic look for the evenings soirée.


Element #4 an Afternoon country drive in a vintage 1969 Jaguar

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Need I say more?!


Element #5 Cocktails on the terrace

The main attraction of this wonderful weekend was a reunion dinner party with friends I haven't seen in years. This much-anticipated celebration began with cocktails on the terrace overlooking the pool, manicured gardens and tennis courts. I felt like I was living in a Ralph Lauren ad!


Element #6 Experiencing a glorious evening with people you love

As we dined on a luscious buffet and visited the bar numerous times, you could hear the laughter and feel the energy of long-time friends. I found myself quietly perusing the terrace in profound gratitude thinking, "this is one of those rare moments in time!"

Thank you, Michael and Berit!