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Happy Birthday Doris Day!

Doris Day has held a permanent place in my heart as one of my top all time favorite actresses and role models. She always exuded such all American style, beauty, elegance and approachablegirl next door like ability. But more than that, her passion for animals and life long commitment to the Doris Day Animal Foundation is what sets her apart from all the other Hollywood Style Icons.
That kind of devoted compassion cannot be ignored, and is forever admired.

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Cinema Chic: Love Story, in honor of Valentines Day

For those that know me, I am passionate about the movies. Particularly classic films. I am constantly looking at what the characters are wearing, how they wear their hair and make up, the way the homes are decorated, and everything that embodies the "style" the film creates. Because it's a near obsession, I'm writing a new Style Story on a consistent basis I'm calling Cinema Chic. I'll feature some of my favorite films highlighting fashions that have inspired me, home decor that influences me, and note worthy style nuances that stimulate creativity.

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